The InSync Transport Case is a versatile, portable and durable solution to charge and synchronize up to 16 Apple iPad devices (all generations) and a 13” laptop in a compact footprint (devices not included). Compartments are large enough to accommodate the devices with many types of heavy-duty covers (such as the Griffin Survivor, our PARASYNC iPad cover or similar). Please contact us to discuss third party cover options.
Using the supplied Apple dock connector cables nestled in the case, manually connect each iPad to the built-in charge/sync circuit board. To charge, plug the case into any standard wall outlet (110v to 240v). Charge the laptop (Mac or PC) by plugging the power supply into the built-in auxiliary power port. The illuminated ON/OFF switch shows green when devices are charging. To sync iPad devices, open iTunes and tether your laptop to the case using the supplied USB 2.0 cable. Also supports wireless syncing to iCloud.
With built-in wheels and an extendable handle, the case rolls effortlessly between locations. Designed to be shipped safely, the durable exterior withstands inclement weather and the rigors of the road. To protect devices from impact stress, a dense foam insert has a dedicated spot for each device and for added security the case can be locked with padlocks.
Model: 53-5820-1-C44-110
Dimensions: 26” x 20” x 15” (67 x 51 x 38 cm)
Weight: (empty): 39 lb (18 kg)
Input Voltage: 110-240 VAC
Devices Supported: iPad (all generations)

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