The PARASYNC covers fit both iPad 2 and New iPad (“iPad 3”). Constructed of durable polycarbonate, they are thoughtfully engineered for use with PARASYNC Dock for iPad to ensure the integrity of Apple’s 30-pin connector. The covers can be purchased separately allowing users to support a larger number of devices with one dock. An optional shoulder carry strap is also available.

  • Slim design fits easily into any backpack, bag or storage compartment
  • Clamshell construction ensures that case front and back stay tightly closed
  • Optionally available with access to Home button covered

Note: only these cases may be used with the PARASYNC dock. The use of an unsheathed iPad in the docking system can strain and possibly damage the fragile pin connector.
Why must I use your iPad cover with PARASYNC?
The 30-pin connector used with iPad is a fragile component. It was not originally conceived or intended to be used in an institutional environment where repeated insertions and extractions of the device can strain or even damage the pin.
To address this reality and protect the Apple 30-pin connectors, we engineered a system where the iPad is kept in a useful cover. As shown in the image below, the iPad cover is “keyed” or notched in order to prevent device misalignment and to relieve pin connector stress.

  • Devices can only be inserted one way into the dock’s receiving slot.
  • The iPad travels in a controlled vertical path onto the Apple 30-pin connector, relieving it from stress caused by repetitively inserting and extracting the devices from their docking slots.
  • Covers keep iPad devices straight so pin connectors can’t flex when the dock is populated.

Note: only these covers may be used with PARASYNC. The use of an unsheathed iPad in the PARASYNC or an iPad with any other case or cover can damage the pin connector and can void the PARASYNC warranty.
Model: A990161
Color: Black
Dimensions: 7.5 x 9.75 x .6 ” (19 x 25 x 1.5 cm)
Weight: 6 oz (170 g)

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