Secure and protect a MacBook, PARASYNC and mobile devices with our all steel enclosure that bolts down firmly and locks with a single key. Our quality construction process protects your devices and allows them to charge inside of the locked security enclosure.


  • Steel enclosure bolts firmly onto a desk, counter, cabinet or cart
  • Entire system conveniently locks with a single key


  • Hydraulic hinges gently close the security enclosure’s locking lid to prevent pinched fingers
  • Devices plug into a built-in internal two-outlet UL approved power strip


  • Rounded edges and neutral finish is attractive and blends seamlessly in nearly any setting

Model: Item # 0110019
Dimensions: 23 L x 16 W x 14 H” (45 x 40 x 36 cm)
Security Enclosure Supported Devices:
– All PARASYNC charge & sync docking stations for iPod touch, iPhone, iPad Air or iPad Mini
– PARASYNC Universal Hub

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